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CCTC History

Since 1994, the Canadian Connective Tissue Conference (CCTC) was held annually to bridge the gaps in our current scientific and clinical understanding of connective tissues in both health and disease. The CCTC has helped foster the next generation of young Canadian scientists by giving them the opportunity to present their research as well as to interact with leading Canadian and international researchers. In 2012, this network was formalized during the Toronto meeting by inaugurating the Canadian Connective Tissue Society (CCTS).

Members of the founding board were Artur deBrum Fernandez (Université de Sherbrooke), Jeffrey Dixon (University of Western Ontario), Neil Duncan (University of Calgary), Lisbet Haglund (McGill University Montreal), Boris Hinz (University of Toronto), Fackson Mwale (McGill University Montreal), Dieter Reinhardt (McGill University Montreal), and Cari Whyne (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).

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