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CCTC 2015

21st Canadian Connective Tissue Conference 2015

Québec City | Université Laval | 28-30 May 2015

The 21st Annual Scientific Conference of the CCTS (known also as CCTC 2015) is held in Quebec city between 28-30th of May 2015. It  consists in two days of oral and poster presentations. A majority of the oral presentations are selected from the submitted abstracts to promote young scientists.

Oral and poster sessions in the following research areas will be presented:
• Stem Cells in Tissue Regeneration and Tissue Engineering
• Biomechanics, Mechanobiology, and Biomaterials
• Connective Tissue remodeling
• Connective Tissue in Disease – Clinical and Fundamental Aspects
• The Extracellular Matrix in Connective Tissues
• Genetics of Connective Tissue
• Bone, Cartilage and Tooth development
• Cellular Interactions between Connective and other Tissues

Invited Speakers:

Sylvie Ricard-Blum, Lyon, France “Endostatin, a multifunctional matricryptin at the crossroads of several interaction networks“
Robert Gauvin (Quebec city, QC) « Functional tissue engineering: Optimization of the ECM architecture through microfabrication and bioreactor technologies »
Chris Overall (Vancouver, BC) « New Biological Roles for MMPs Revealed by Proteomics of the ECM in vivo »
Guillaume Grenier (Sherbrooke, QC) ” Microenvironment influence on skeletal muscle progenitor cells ”
Darius Bagli (Toronto, ON) ” Urinary bladder smooth muscle-matrix interactions: molecular and epigenetic insights”

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