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Chairs and Scientific Comittee

19th Canadian Connective Tissue Conference 2013

MONTREAL  May 29 – June 1st

Lisbet Haglund (McGill University)
Monzur Murshed (McGill University)

Scientific Committee
Mari Kaartinen (McGill University)
Dieter Reinhardt (McGill University)
Julie Fradette (Laval University)
Tannin Schmidt (University of Calgary)
Boris Hinz (University of Toronto)

Send checks and correspondence to the following address:

Lisbet Haglund / Monzur Murshed
Attention of Ms. Rajshree Sen
Suite L4. 60
Orthopaedics Research Laboratory 
Royal Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, QC. H3A 1A1
ph: 514-934-1934 ext 35383

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